Raja Ampat Indonesian Paradise of Eco Dive Resort

Raja Ampat Indonesian Paradise of Eco Dive Resort. On 18 – 22 October 2018 Raja Ampat festival will be held again, which will explore the beauty of under water view in Waisai, Fam Island, Misool and Kofiau Raja Ampat, West Papua.

“Raja Ampat Festival will take the travelers to enjoy the one of world’s best maritime paradise. It will not only the nature but the various of the culture as well. That’s why it will be the best moment to explore Raja Ampat,” as Arief Yahya, Indonesia Tourism Minister said.

Indonesian Tourism Department has prepare various attraction for the travelers such as Sail Trip Festival, Maritime culture performance, underwater photography contest, Buka Sasi Laut Kafiau and another cultural attraction in every destination. Maritime culinary expo, exploring tourism village and Misool Rocks Geopark Expedition will be held as well.

Fam island has been chosen because it has the biological wealth which can represent Raja Ampat.

While Kafiau has the biological wealth and one of the beautiful coral reefs in the world, even as a migration lane of whale and dolphin. For the bird lovers, this area has endemic birds Kafiau Paradise King Fisher and Kafiau Monarch.

And Misool is as a small paradise which waiting to be conquered. The beauty of the beach, karst rocks and the sea park offering a magnificent natural attraction.

“It’s not by mistake at all if Raja Ampat got a recognition as the best snorkeling and diving spot in the world by CNN Travel. This the paradise for divers snorkeling which has been immersed by world’s celebrity, even Presiden Joko Widodo very happy to be there.

Raja Ampat Raja Ampat

So, what are you waiting for…???

Be prepare and go get there….😉

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